If you for whatever reason wish to withdraw from the competition it is obviously accepted. If this occurs during the course of the entry process it is without cost. If it occurs after the entry period ends, you will be invoiced for the entered product. 

We have the quality control in order to make sure that the products can be considered as 'natural / organic'. If we in the quality assessment find that your product has questionnable content you will be contacted and a dialogue will be held. However, we do not have the possibility to resend the products or credit the fee. 

Should a sample or full size product be sent? We strongly recommend the the same product that is entered into the form is sent, which normally is a full size product. The jury has 3 months to test the product and apart from the fact that the product should last, a full size product also makes a better impression for the jury member who tests it. In addition, packaging and general impression is part of the assessment and this will be difficult using a sample so the risk is that the score is lower if a sample is used.  

It is possible that your entry has not worked out. A common explanation is that you have attempted to attach a product image in a format that is not supported. Try changing the format and make a new entry. If this does not resolve the problem, please get in touch with us. 

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No, our quality experts will recieve the physical product and will read the inci on the actual product. 

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We have chosen not to have categories that covers all areas, instead we have narrowed it down to become more specific and we leave certain categories for the years to come. The reasons for this are:
- It is easier to communicate
- When winning a category, it lasts longer as it may not be a new winner in the same category the following year.

However, the categories "New product of the year" and "Innovation of the year" and "Product of the year" are open for all categories of NOC products. 

We are incredibly grateful that we have found so many engaged and competent jury members. As a member of the jury participation is possible for 2 years in a row. After that we think a break is needed. We have chosen this principle since we want a certain dynamic in the assessment and in the composition of the jury. A jury may find a favorite brand and in order to mix it up we think we should also have a certain turnover in the jury. However, we also believe there's an advantage to have a mix of new enthusiastic and former experienced members of the jury, hence we came up with the '2-year principle'.  

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